Wing 5 sits on land surrounded by two bays, Ao Prachuab and Ao Manao, and has a clear view of Khao Lom Muak. Aside from being the official Air Force base of the province, the site itself is also rich in history dating back to 1941 during World War II when Japan attacked the base and took the lives of many residents of Ao Manao. In December 1941, only hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese troops started invading provinces in Thailand, including Prachuap Khiri Khan, by sea in order to get to the British Allies who were at the time occupying Burma. A battle broke out between Japanese soldiers and Thai Wing 5 forces in the early hours and lasted for over 30 hours before Prime Minister Field Marshall Pibulasonggram ordered Thai forces to surrender to avoid more casualties. The 39 men, a youth volunteer and two female residents who lost their lives are forever honored on a memorial statue set up just offshore of Ao Prachuap. There is also an interactive museum dedicated to the event, depicting stories of that fateful night.